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Hello Annette,

I think your new homepage is georgous. I can hardly expect to look through and read. A visit on your homepage is for me always like a short excursion back to our nice trip to Tanzania.We spent three weeks which you had planned for us very well. Finally, from the 12th of January to the 1st of February, 2010 the Tanzania vacation should come true.
It already started with the night flight to Kilimanjaro, we could still visit on the arrival day, after a few relaxing hours in the Outpost Lodge in Arusha, the Arusha-national park which is really very recommendable. One expects nothing great from such "a small" park (small relatively to the more known gigantic parks as for example of the Serengeti). And then we were surprised really with a fullness in animals. This was, so to speak, a marvellous greeting in this wonderful country.

The next day we went to Lake Manyara. Though these are mostly "short" (150-200km) distances, however, more than 3-5 hours required which never seem to be dull. Because you get never enough of watching the landscape.So we visited on the 2nd day the Lake Manyara-national park which is also very recommendable. The scenery there is unique. Meanwhile our tent was built up in the Jambo camp site. Very practically and rich in service, one virtually needs to look after nothing.

On the 3rd day we further drove to Lake Natron. The journey went over bumpy roads, however, very interesting again the landscape. You can go for hours, without even seeing a single car. Here and there sometimes you find a small settlement, but otherwise you really find yourself in the wilderness. At Lake Natron we had our accommodation at the Lake-Natron-Tendet camp (from moivaro). Here we were welcomed warmly, we made an excursion to a waterfall under the guidance of a Maasai, who led to us also the next day to Lake Natron. Afterwards I must say, was here the most exciting time. Then we also visited the village of this Maasai where they performed also a dance for us. It seemed to us generally very authentically, because we were the only visitors here and he showed us the real life.

Then a tiresome long trip started to Serengeti. We drove throughout the day on very bad roads and courses of a river. Earth tears in the road made quite a lot of way impassable so that we had to make our way through some villages, where tourist usually never pass by. In the Serengeti we spent 2 nights which were very cold although it was summertime there.

The Serengeti also was completely different as I thought before. It was blossoming and greening and very beautiful. After Serengeti we went to the Ngorongoro crater. The journey there was quite spectacular because of the giant herds of gnus. We spent the night in the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, a wonderful hotel with a marvellous panoramic look into the crater. It is also good to sleep between the camps in a nice hotel and to take a hot shower.

The next day we made a crater tour which was definitly the highlight on this trip. Such a variety of animals we have never seen before. And the scenery tops of course still everything. In any case very recommendable. In the end of the safari we still visited the Tarangire national park which was very nice, but we only saw elephants there. However, it was also nice.

After those first ten days were over we flew from Arusha to Zanzibar. There we stayed the first five nights in the Bahari View Lodge on the East Coast. Those were the most relaxing days at all. There you have about 14 Bungalows with a traditional Approx. 14 bungalows are available which have a traditional and elegant equipment, are very clean, the ways to the restaurant, bar, are sandy and one has here an absolute Caribbean feeling. Food and the services were superior here. Visitors can even book a Jozani Forest tour or Safari Blue as an excursion. Both are very recommendable. We spent the last five days in the Hakuna Matata Lodge on the west coast close to Stone Town. This Lodge it is just like heaven. The German couple who have emigrated a few years ago and have made themselves independent here with this lodge are very nice, obliging and entertain their guests personally. Rose creates every evening marvellous things, above all from fresh fish. From here one can also book excursions. The Spice tour is very practical, because the journey lasts only approx. 10-15 minutes and Stone Town, however, there we did not take a guided town tour, but walked around by ourselves. We also did an excursion to a sandy bank including picnic basket which was not cheap though, but worth it and unique.
All in all, we were well taken care of any time to 100%, we had supergood services, the transports from and to the hotels, flights etc. worked out perfectly. We owe you dear family Sirikwa that you stood to us any time with words and deeds aside that we could count on you, for many good tips and the time which you have taken to answer my unending questions. Many thanks for everything! Should we travel over again in the area, I would turn only to You because I know, like professionally, reliably, cooperatively and understanding you are.

Best regards,
Mr and Mrs Schenker



Grüezi Mrs Sirikwa

Now we are already back more than three weeks from the holidays. Unfortunately, we have found out only today that you did not receive our e-mail from Chale Island (Kenya).

We wanted to thank you for the good consultation and organisation. If all tip has top folded and we experienced a thrilling and adventurous safari with nevertheless very luxurious lodgings. In the tent camp in the Serengeti (Nasikia Luxury Tented Camp) we were for a night even the only guests.

By the way, we have reached the Uhuru Peak (Kilimanjaro) what goes on this trip of course to quite a special experience. But we wer also able to observe quite many animals very close what we never managed, unfortunately, up to now on our trips.

Again many thanks and all the best.

Yours sincerely from Switzerland
Monika Fäh & Michael Lüssi



Hello Mrs. Sirikwa,

after we are back again well from Tanzania and have taken the first steps in our everyday life, it is time for a short feedback of our adventure trip.

We are glad and happy to have put together the tour with your help in such a way, it was an unforgettable experience! We have got to know a lot about country and people and have become curiously on Tanzania.
All flights and transfer have worked out - we don't count delays with some flights - perfectly and everybody was friendly and taking care of us.

The most important thing about our journey was of climging the Kilimanjaro which we both have managed (even if it went with me only up to the Gilman's Point). What experience! Here we had in the meantime contact, because there were the complications on the first two days. Your partners did not completely loaded enough money on the card on one side, the completely filled huts on the other side. Here our leader Julius Donald had decided to look after a tent for the bearers and had joined us only on the third day. As already said, this was certainly no good preparation for the summit day, although Julius had done all the best to appoint Hemid as a leader but he had to carry then one more of our back bags on the climbing. But without Julius as a leader the communication was not on the first two days. Well, we have made it, nevertheless.

For your future plannings we would still like to suggest that the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge is not necessarily recommendable in Arusha. Though the rooms are generous, the arrangement reminded, however, the architecture and atmosphere reminded us associalist facilities. Food was also not especially great. Afterwards for it we have felt in the Ocean Paradise on Zanzibar the more than happy.

On this way we thanks again for your arrangements.

Many greetings, also in the name of Mr. Sollanek, and a Hakuna matata

Michael Hermann



Dear family Sirikwa,

now we have landed Wednesday tomorrow again well in Berlin - again many thanks for the really good planning of our Tanzania trip. Everything was organised very well - already the driver who has brought us in the Selouspark was great, he has drawn our attention on the journey to particularly nice sceneries and plants and has transferred us safely to the harbor in Dar es Salaam to go to Zanzibar, including help me to by the tickets for the ferry. The camp had really nice stuff, we have enjoyed it very much and a learned a lot about the fauna and flora of Tanzania.

Also on Zanzibar everything went well, although the electricity was gone. A wonderful island to relx. You had a very good idea to spend two nights in Stone Town and then to proceed to the beach. We discovered the ancient town and even our children were thrilled.

We have also made a guided tour through Stone Town, with your partner organisation there. Indeed, very impressive, above all also the history of the slavery. There we were a little bit ashamed to be an European...
An experience of the special kind on Zanzibar was also a snorkel excursion by the really narrow wooden boats with on both sides wooden props in which one can sit only on the narrow railing. Or the attempt to order food on the beach (One Stone bar) and where the cook after the order for the moment set out to collect the ingredients for the food (including climbing on a coconut tree to harvest nuts for the sauce). The preparation lasted 2 hours, for it then, however, really freshly and tasty...

We have experienced Tanzania as a regional varied and wonderful country with very open people stately in spite of her poverty. It has also helped us to get in contact with the people as our daughter speaks Kisuaheli, this above all with the first part of the trip where we have also used public means of transportation including Dalla Dallas and have lived in a small town with many invitations in tanzanian houses. Our daughter was always the darling of the shop assistants, waiters and guide, everybody has been glad that a young European works in Tanzania as a teacher and have chatted with her. It was impressive also to be able to visit a Secondary-School in Njombe and to learn a lot about the tanzanian education system with his problems (college fees, to hear about missing books etc.).

Now only many small presents, miraculous materials, skirts which we could be sewed in Njombe and chains, earring and carvings of the wood carver's market in Dar es Salaam remind us still of the great trip.!

Again many thanks for the good planning.

Also to you all the best for 2010, above all also success for your company.

Regards, the Nieskens

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