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The Safari Experts

Adili Sirikwa- The Insider

Adili is born and raised in Arusha and Bukoba (Tanzania). He is a declared expert in tourism regarding his country. He is already more than 10 years organizing and planning all kinds of different journeys in and around Tanzania.

Annette Sirikwa- Passionate geographer with love for tansania

Annette was guiding youth groups through Hungary and the USA during her occupation at the organization Operation Friendship in Germany. Through her studies in geography in Bayreuth, Germany (focus on tourism in developing countries) and through numerous journeys to Tanzania she knows almost every corner of the country.

Emy Sirikwa- Our sunshine

As you already might have assumed, there is one more member of our family- owned company. Our sunshine Emy, who is glad to accompany us anytime on a tour through the Lake Manyara or the Arusha National Park and who is every time impressed by the animals.

Family Sirikwa